About the Journal

Official Information

The Modern Higher Education Review the international, professional, scholarly and peer reviewed journal, published in English by three universities from Ukraine, Poland and Finland

ISSN 2518-7635 (Print)

Registration certificate: KB № 21835–11735 P of 31.12.2015

Field of science: pedagogical

Language of the edition: English

Founder: Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Frequency of publications: once a year

The edition was founded in 2015

Publisher: Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University

Country of issuance: Ukraine

Topics of the Journal

The main scientific directions of interest for the Journal

Research Methodical and Methodological Support for Higher Education  Reforms

History of Higher Education

Actual Problems of Higher Education

Create and Implement New Pedagogical Technologies

Renovate  Higher Education Content in Accordance with Modern National and International Academic, Cultural and Pedagogical Achievements

Develop Recommendation on Formulating State Policy in Higher Education

Conduct Comparative Research on Higher Education Systems of Other Countries and Define the Possibilities of Their Practical Implementation in Higher Education Reform in Ukraine

Quality, Evaluation and Development of Higher Education

Organization, Administration and Management of Higher Education

Finance and Financial Administration of Higher Education

Social and Cultural Aspects of Higher Education

Continuous Professional Training in Higher Education